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Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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Adult content policy:
This site contains no pornography nor sexually explicit writing. Still, it is necessary to focus on sex and human sexuality when exploring the dimension of humanity. After all, we are a sexual species and live with that identity all of our lives. People are murdered because of that and isolated from each other. This dimension needs to be explored and dealt with.
Anti spam policy:
Spam (advertising via unsolicited e-mail) is advertising based on theft of the recipient's time and recourses. This webmaster will not participate in spam schemes. Theft is a poor platform for advancing the state of society's civilization, even if it enriches the still growing number of people who live on the proceeds of theft. It is the policy of this webmaster to labor to enrich society, not to steal from it, and thereby create a better world for us all. Nevertheless, malicious spam is possible. If it is found, please forward the complete text of the spam to the e-mail address below.

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